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Publish No.:000151
Title:Sistem Informasi Katalog Produk Berbasis Web Pada PT. Cahaya Prima Lestari Abadi
Institution:Sistem Informasi STMIK IBBI
Keyword:Information System, Product Catalog, Web
Abstract:Nowadays, there is high competition that makes PT. Cahaya Prima Lestari Abadi needs an information system of web-based product catalog that can support and improved the performance of marketing system and product ordering system. The aim of this research is to design a system that it can reduce the risk of errors in delivering the information of the product to the customers and also for employee to process the customers’ orders. The methods of this research are divided into two methods, they are direct survey methods and library research methods. The direct survey methods are by obtaining the information, directly observes to the company and do investigations. In addition to the methods, there is library research methods are by getting the resources from books, journals, and the others those can support this research. The result of this research conducted in the form of the design web-based information system that is described using usecase and class diagrams. There are also design and an implementation from the system. The conclusion the research is the information system of web-based product catalog has been designed that have many advantages, that can support the performances of company. The writer hopes this program is useful for the company and can be implemented.
Publisher:STMIK IBBI
Contributor:Elvi Yolanda
Publish Date:18 Apr 15
Journal Title:STISI 2015