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Publish No.:000138
Title:Sistem Informasi Jasa Pemasangan Iklan Pada Harian Sinar Indonesia Baru
Institution:Sistem Informasi STMIK IBBI
Keyword:advertising, information systems, computerized, database, history
Abstract:In the current era of globalization, science and technology is growing very rapidly, thus making the scope of the existing business more widely. The company is one of the daily Sinar Indonesia Baru. From the observations that can be given to the company in order to further the development of information systems is through advertising services. Designed information system is a computerized system that can handle problems in recording demand advertising services, and cash receipts. Thus, in making reports and transactions can be controlled from one another. The system that is running the company still using manual system, the absence of a database, which is less detailed information so that decision making can not be done quickly, and difficulties in the search advertising transaction history data.
Publisher:STMIK IBBI
Publish Date:14 Dec 14
Journal Title:STISI 2013