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Publish No.:000135
Title:Sistem Informasi Pemesanan Rangkaian Bunga Pada Wan-Wan Florist
Author:Paul Getty
Institution:Sistem Informasi STMIK IBBI
Keyword:florist, information system, computerized
Abstract:Business of stick werk and hand bouquet for all occasions is one of the growing business in Medan. Customers of that business can be individuals, companies and foundations, both in the seminar, custom , birthday , wedding , until the funeral ceremony. To attract customers, the florist must always innovate, create models of attractive flower arrangements. Wan- Wan Florist is a flower shop in Medan who constantly provide various kinds of shapes and attractive flower arrangements for all occasions. The number of booking transactions from customers and many types of circuits that do also contribute to increase the density of business operations . The system used for recording transactions Wan - Wan Florist still manual so it is still less efficient in terms of time and also in terms of the accuracy of the data is still not guaranteed.The purpose of the research is to design an information system for recording and processing transaction data terkomputersasi so as to facilitate the operations of the company.To design a computerized information system , used Visual Basic 6.0 and Microsoft Access 2000 and in preparing reports use Crystal Report 8.5TM
Publisher:STMIK IBBI
Publish Date:14 Dec 13
Journal Title:STISI 2013