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Publish No.:000125
Title:Analisa Sistem Pengaman Data Jaringan Berbasis VPN
Author:Albert Suwandhi
Institution:Sistem Informasi STMIK IBBI
Keyword:VPN connection, IPSec
Abstract:There is now a lot of companies that have many branches to use internet services to the technology offered by the Internet provider with a variety of types and prices to meet the communication needs of the company. However, there are still many who use dial-up private from the center to the branch. This system is more cost very much per connection. The purpose of this research is to design a network that is economical in terms of cost of connections and ensure the security of data exchange between central and branch. The method chosen and carried out to analyze the need and the system is running (bandwidth, cost center and branch connections), IPSec designing, configuring site-to-site VPN. Surely not just the cost savings experienced connection, the data transaction security facility would also be obtained with a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is designed and proposed
Publisher:STMIK IBBI
Contributor:Juni Erpin
Publish Date:14 Dec 13
Journal Title:STISI 2013