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Publish No.:000099
Title:Aplikasi Pengamanan Data Menggunakan Metode Skipjack
Institution:Teknik Informatika STMIK IBBI
Keyword:Enkripsi, Dekripsi, Kriptografi, Skipjack, Permutation, XOR, cryptanalysis
Abstract:Confidentiality of data is a very important and should be maintained properly. This is done in order to protect the data of the parties - parties that do not have the authority to read the data. If data security is getting stolen or accidentally sent to the wrong party or purpose, then the other party who obtained the data will not be easy to know the contents of the data. One way that can be done to secure the data is by using an encryption method in the science of cryptography. Skipjack method is one of the many existing encryption methods and is the simplest method because it involves only two cryptographic operation mathematical namely XOR and permutation. Good encryption method is a method that has a simple structure, it is not complicated but it should be resistant to any kind of attack. Skipjack is one method of encryption method that is safe from all types of attacks for now.
Publisher:STMIK IBBI
Publish Date:21 Sep 13
Right:Jurnal Core IT
Journal Title:Jurnal Core IT Vol 1 No. 2 September 2013