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Publish No.:000077
Title:Perangkat Lunak Pemahaman The Lift-To-Front Algorithm untuk Menyelesaikan Problema Maximum Flow
Author:Marto Sihombing
Institution:Teknik Informatika STMIK IBBI
Keyword:lift to front algorithm, maximum flow
Abstract:Problems of the maximum network flow (maximum flow) is the simplest problems associated with network flow. Each side considered trending channel that has a maximum capacity in which material flows. Node is the meeting point on each channel. Material flowing through the node without gathered in it. In other words, the scale of the material that enters a node must be equal to the scale of the material that came out of that node. This issue is looking for answers about the maximum scale of the material that may be sent from source to destination without violating any capacity constraints of the system. This problem can be solved by using algorithms lift-to-front. Algorithm lift-to-front work by using the list to maintain a list of vertices in the network. Starting from the front, the method of reviewing the list, repeatedly choose a vertex u that overflow and then remove it from the list, which is conducting operations "push and lift '(push and lift) until u do not have a positive surplus (positive excess). When a vertex is removed, is transferred to the front vertex list (this method is called 'lift-to-front') and the method will start again from the beginning. The purpose of this research is to study the working process of the algorithm-to-Front Lift in solving the maximum flow problem on a flow network. The method used in this study is the Waterfall model. The software will show the working process of the algorithm-to-Front Lift in detail step by step in finding the maximum flow network. The software also records the steps the algorithm so that the software can be used to aid understanding of the work process of the algorithm Lift-to-Front.
Publisher:STMIK IBBI
Contributor:Hansen Tanjaya
Publish Date:21 Sep 12
Right:STISI 2012
Journal Title:STISI 2012