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Publish No.:000066
Title:Analisis Kepuasan Pengguna Jasa Atas Kualitas Layanan Pengiriman Barang Oleh PT. JNE
Institution:Sistem Informasi STMIK IBBI
Keyword:Kualitas Pelayanan, Kepuasan Pelanggan
Abstract:The study was based on the premise that business strategies by performing quality service company is one important thing to be able to satisfy the customer. In order to obtain the optimal results it is necessary to sound customer-oriented company that enterprise customer needs are met. The existence of a positive assessment of the company's customers will make the customer remain a loyal customer. The purpose of this study was to determine whether the quality of service delivery adopted by the PT. JNE has been going well and tepat.Adapun sampling methods used by the author is using purposive sampling method with a total sample of 30 respondents. Results of tests carried out showed that the variables most satisfying customers is the variable responsiveness and assurance that they have a default value of 3.81. Then a row followed by empathy variable that has a value of 3.57 and a reliability standard in third position which has a default value of 3.55 while the last position occupied by the tangibles variable has a default value of 3.47 which describes the response of customers satisfied.
Publisher:STMIK IBBI
Publish Date:21 Sep 12
Journal Title:STISI 2012