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Publish No.:000052
Title:Aplikasi Pembelajaran Paritta Suci Pada Windows Phone
Institution:Teknik Informatika STMIK IBBI
Keyword:aplikasi pembelajaran, Windows Phone
Abstract:Indonesia which compose many tribe and is multifarious of cultural manner also there are is multifarious of religion manner. In this case, each;every religion have difference of different holy book also. Besides,every religion also differ in the case of devoting procedures to its religion teaching. For that, to be follower of religion can more is comprehending of read of holy sentences or paritta hence require to be designed by a software for study which application to communications technology. Where communication means have supporting many to application which is flange to multimedia. In scheme of this software use method of waterfall. Result of from software of ini,untuk facilitate people or follower of religion especially religion of Buddha in mastering read of paritta, understanding the meaning of read paritta or listened..
Publisher:STMIK IBBI
Publish Date:21 Sep 12
Journal Title:STISI 2012