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Perancangan Sistem Informasi Penggajian Pada PT. ABS Labelindo

Apr. 18, 2015 ... keyword: information systems, payroll, author: Benny, kontributor: Kelvin Max Riady
Abstract: PT. ABS Labelindo is one company which is engaged in printing labels and stickers which at the beginning of the month to process payroll for his employees and make payroll ...
Publication: makalah,STISI 2015,STMIK IBBI
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Aplikasi Kompresi Dekompresi File menggunakan Algoritma Fibonacci

Mar. 12, 2016 ... keyword: file compress, Fibonacci, author: Benny, kontributor: Stephen
Abstract: File represent containing digital data of informations. File size measure which too big will become the problem of /when the file will be transferred or commuted for. Is for that ...
Publication: makalah,STISI 2016,STMIK IBBI
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Perancangan Permainan Penyusunan Pipa pada Game Water and Garden

Dec. 14, 2013 ... keyword: water and garden games , SDLC, preparation of pipe, author: Benny, kontributor: Nicander Kusuma
Abstract: Water and Garden one form of game preparation pipes used to sharpen the brain . The game will start from 3 x 3 box . In each box there will ...
Publication: prosiding,STISI 2013,STMIK IBBI
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Perangkat Lunak Dictionary Based Compression Memanfaatkan Transformasi Burrows-Wheeler Dan Byte Pair Encoding

Sep. 21, 2012 ... keyword: data file, Dictionary Based Compression (DBC), byte pair encoding technique, compression, author: Benny, kontributor: Djonny
Abstract: A digital data file that contains the information. File size that is too large will be a problem if the files are to be transferred or exchanged. That requires a ...
Publication: prosiding,STISI 2012,STMIK IBBI
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